Our Silent Auction was held at Keynsham Rugby Club and, as well as having the opportunity to bid for some fabulous items, there was a bar, buffet and entertainment.

The auction items were displayed on a long table and the auction began at 7pm. If you fancied a particular item then you could write your bidding number and bid on the associated card. However you need to keep an eye on the table as, while you were having a drink or something to eat, someone else could be upping the bid on your item. As you do not have to identify yourself on the bidding card, you also have to be wary of bidding against your companions!

We were entertained during the event by Rachel, Ashton and Mark singing as Dolly Parton, Billie Holiday and Kenny Rogers respectively.

The auction raised over £600 for the branch to use towards the support of Huntington’s Disease families in Bristol and the surrounding area.

Special thanks must go to Penny, who gathered most of the items for the auction and to everyone else who helped with the preparation and on the night.

Also many thanks to Jenna and the staff at Keynsham Rugby Club for helping to make it such a successful event.